You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.

Abraham Lincoln
Writing as C.E. Laine
Writing as C.E. Laine

"Startling in both breath and intimacy..."

Postcards from a Summer Girl is full of tight, exact poems punctuated by precise images. I place an empty glass/ upon drywall, but I can't/ listen to vacancy. Christine Laine's voice--startling in both breath and intimacy--is a voice worth listening to.  -Suzanne Frischkorn


"She keeps a variety of prosodic arrows in her quiver..."

C. E. Laine's ALLEGORY and THE WEIGHT OF DUST are reviewed in great detail by David Cooper in May's edition of Poetic Voices. This is a unique look at both early books as a body of work.


"Essential... stark, evocotive verse..."

Editor-in-chief kris t kahn of Sometimes City reviews The Weight of Dust by C. E. Laine. Kahn says Laine "proves a minimalist essential...stark, evocative verse...her haiku sequences are astounding...the forefront of contemporary haiku."


C.E. Laine
Books and Published Work
by Shae Leighland-Pence
Writing as C.E. Laine





The Shutterbug

Shae's photographic subject matter includes old rusty equipment, modes of transportation, and rural settings. She photographs both urban and rural decay, and likes to haunt car shows, where she is frequently found lying on the ground to get a shot of a hood ornament or door handle set against the sky. 


Her photographs are available as prints and posters, greeting cards, and on novelty items. If there is a particular photo you are interested in, please contact Shae

Handmade Jewelry {Shae Eclectique}

shae eclectique on etsy

Shae is now making unique and eclectic jewelry using a mixture of found bits, vintage and antique findings, and gorgeous Czech glass beads. She is also making custom pieces as well as mecidal alert and medical awareness jewelry. You can find her work in the Etsy shop, Shae Eclectique.


 Ipaint digitally using my iPad 2 and a special stylus called the Nomad Brush. I also use the BoxWave stylus. My favorite painting application is ArtRage, although I also use several others depending on the subject matter and style. I began painting digitally due to severe disablilities which render me bedridden much of the time. In this way, I am able to sketch and paint on my back in bed. My paintings are then produced on either fine art paper as a Giclee print or on traditional stretched canvas.

I paint for therapy and to keep my mind off of my disabilities and pain. I usually paint flat on my back with my legs elevated. Technology has allowed me to get back to my artsy self, despite severe disabilities. There are several wonderful apps that really do justice to the painting and drawing experience. My current favorite is ArtRage. As far as the stylus goes, I use BoxWave and also the Nomad Brush. Though most of my current paintings are technically ‘digital’, they are absolutely hand done, and I mix my own colors and do all of the blending and layering of colors and textures by hand, just as I would with normal paints. The wonderful part is NO MESS to deal with, and no set up to fuss over.  Below are a few samples of recent paintings from my Birds Collection...

I paint virtually anything (including portraits ) and can paint for you on request. If you are interested in a quote, please drop me a note [shaeleigh AT mac DOT com] and I will offer you a very reasonable price. One of the benefits of my digital painting is that you can also receive extra Giclee prints or canvases to give as gifts.

I will be selling a variety of limited edition signed prints and canvasses in local shops here in the Shenandoah Valley, as well as online. If you are interested in one, just let me know, whether it is something from my previous work or something you would like me to paint specifically for you.

I will also be donating a portion of my overall proceeds to Canine Partners For Life and The National Dysautonomia Research Foundation as well as Ehlers-Danlos research. To learn more about me, why I paint, Ehlers-Danlos and Dysautonomia, please visit my blog. I will be adding more of my original paintings and photographs available for sale in many formats, so please keep checking back! Click the PLUS sign below for links to avialable products and more information.


Custom Portraits
portrait of bella

I can paint a custom portrait for you from photographs of your choice. Your portrait can be rendered on fine art paper (Giclee print) or on stretched canvas. I paint animals and scenery, as well as still life objects...your heart's desire can become a one of a kind art heirloom. If interested in a quote, please contact me [shaeleigh AT mac DOT com]. Prices are quite reasonable. Above is a sample portrait in progress.
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